The Top 7 Best Paintball Gear Bags

Find the Perfect Paintball Gear Bag

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If you have spent a couple of hundred dollars buying different paintball gear and don’t have a paintball equipment bag, that should be your next investment.

Yes, they may seem overpriced, and you may be tempted to use your regular duffel bag or backpack, but it’s not worth it.

I’ve been there and done that before, and the rate at which I replaced backpacks and duffel bags was ridiculous and ultimately pricier. Paintball gear bags are designed and made with paintball players in mind.

If you’re in the same puzzle, and you’re thinking of buying a paintball gear bag, you’re in the right company. I’ll be reviewing 7 of the best paintball gear bags on the market today.

Let’s dive in.

The Best Paintball Gear Bags

#1: HK Army Expand Gear Bag (Stealth)

Best Paintball Equipment Bag

HK Army Expand Gearbag (Stealth)
  • Microfiber Lined Goggle Compartment
  • Lower Expanding Capacity Compartment
  • Ergonomic Padded Backpack Shoulder Straps
  • Molle Loops On 4 Side Pockets
  • Waterproof Zippers

Our top pick for most players’ best paintball gear bag is the average-sized 35L HK Army Expand Gear Bag. For beginners and hobbyists, this bag will hold all the fundamental paintball equipment needed for the game. What makes it unique is the expandable bottom that gives you an extra 30% space.

The bag has two pockets on each to store your small stuff. On top of each pocket are molle straps where you can attach more stuff. You can do this by buying molle pouches or velcro strap.

On the inside, there is a separate padded pocket on the side for the marker and loops for up to 5 barrels. The other section is one big compartment without a divider where you will arrange other paintball gear.

On one end, there is a microfiber-lined pocket for storing your mask, while the other end is where the bag expands, giving you an additional 30% space. However, when you have the mask on one end, it will occupy a significant amount of space if you haven’t opened the expand section.

If you like a paintball gear bag with a little bit of fashion, you’ll love this affordable option as the company has added a few designs to make it a bit trendy, and it’s available in 3 color options.

#2: HK Army Expand 75L Roller Gear Bag

Best Paintball Equipment Bag for Professional Players

HK Army Expand Roller Paintball Travel Gearbag – Stealth
  • Microfiber Lined Goggle Compartment
  • Telescopic Handle w/ Rubber Grip
  • Smooth Glide Wheels
  • Ergonomic Detachable Padded Backpack Shoulder Straps
  • Padded Interior Marker Compartment

I know this is starting to feel like an HK Army affair, but I promise this spot is rightfully earned.

If you loved our first pick, but it was smaller, this is our recommendation.

The HK Army Expand 75L Roller Gear bag is a bigger version of the 35L expand bag. Unlike the 35L option, this one has a telescopic handle and smooth glide wheels. The bag can handle more equipment and is excellent for far-away games when you need to carry more items.

On the outside, the bag has four bigger pockets that have molle webbing and velcro on top if you want to attach more stuff. The molle webbing is not just functional when the bag is full, but it’s also great for attaching small stuff that you will regularly need to avoid losing them inside the main compartments.

There is a thick handle to hold on the top side when rolling the bag on a surface. Below the handle is a microfiber-lined goggle compartment that can hold two goggles.

On the inside, there is a padded interior marker compartment and a section for barrels. The rest is a big open compartment where you will arrange all your stuff. Opposite the marker’s compartment are two zippered mesh pouches. The top section that opens also has a zippered compartment. However, these internal zip pockets have no padding.

If you still want more space, the bag’s bottom section expands, giving you an additional 30% space. However, this section is not usable if you’re going to roll the bag. You can only utilize this section if you will be carrying the bag as a backpack.

Another impressive feature of this bag is the protection on the bottom side. The section between the wheels is heavily padded with heavy-duty plastic, and there are two runners for added support.

When it comes to movement, the HK Army Expand 75L – Roller Gear Bag is convenient as it has detachable padded backpack shoulder straps and smooth glide wheels, and carry-on handles on top and bottom.

#3: Dye Paintball Discovery 1.5T Rolling Gear Bag

Paintball Gear Bag With Dividers

Dye Paintball Discovery 1.5L Rolling Gear Bag
  • Roll to any event worldwide in confidence and style with the DYE Discovery 1.5L Rolling Gear Bag. Its durable, spacious, and simple design ensure you can keep your focus on the game and not worry about your gear arriving in one-piece.
  • 100% polyester Hex-Logic Rip-Stop fabric. DYE worked with top professional players and engineers with decades of experience to source the most durable fabric possible to withstand any condition you could encounter.
  • Separate dirty & clean compartments, a large main open compartment, and a reinforced bottom keep things simple for your larger items while both interior and exterior zip closure pockets help you keep smaller items organized.
  • Padded top handle straps, heavy duty oversized wheels, and an external ID sleeve make traveling through an airport or event venue a breeze. Know that your DYE Discovery 1.5L bag won’t slow you down and you’ll have quick access to what you need.
  • Dimensions measure 32.5” x 14.75” x 14”.

The Dye Paintball Discovery 1.5t Rolling Gear Bag is made for those looking for the most compact gear bag. Dye says they worked with top engineers and professionals with decades of experience to get a design and fabric that can withstand even the harshest treatment.

The first thing you will notice with this bag is the simple design, telescopic handle, and oversized wheels. The bag has a ripstop shape on top such that when your bag starts to tear, the tear doesn’t extend, and the shape remains intact.

This bag doesn’t have external pockets except for a small transparent ID slot; luckily, the inside has generous storage space. There is only one compartment next to the carry-on handle that is heavily padded. Inside the compartment is a zippered pocket. However, there is an option to remove the divider connecting this section to the big compartment to one big room.

The inside of the bag isn’t permanently subdivided as well. The bag comes with a removable divider that uses Velcro that you can move around to subdivide the bag to your liking. Else, you can leave the inside as one big compartment.

The opening flap has three zippered mesh pockets, while two sides on the inside have zippered compartments. Another subtle feature is tiny vent spaces on the sides to improve air circulation. We all know how sweaty and messy it can get in the field.

Dye has invested in designing its heavy padded handles and oversized wheels to make the movement more comfortable. Apart from the oversized wheels, we love the support design on the bottom. On top of the hard bottom are two runners for added stability.

The Dye paintball discovery 1.5T Rolling Gear Bag has a simple design and amazing features. It’s black, and it only has the brand logo on the side.

#4: Virtue High Roller V4 Gear Bag

Best Premium Paintball Gear Bag

VIRTUE High Roller V4 Extra Large Travel Gear Bag with Rugged Wheels – 7000 Cubic Inch Storage Capacity
  • [Durable and Robust] – Multi-terrain nylon wheels | Reinforced waterproof tarp lined interior | Extra long telescoping handle | Encapsulated zipper pulls
  • [Features You’ll Love] – Microfiber lined accessory compartment | Foam padded top handle | Hideaway air-mesh padded backpack straps | Water proof tarp-lined wheel cover
  • [Exterior Storage] – Large angled zipper pockets | Large exterior accessory pocket | Waterproof tarp-lined pouch on top of bag
  • [Interior Storage] – Massive 7000 CU/120L waterproof tarp-lined main compartment | Neoprene padded storage sleeves on both sides | Breathable mesh lined zipper pocket | Clear vinyl zipper lined pocket | Clean clothes or shoes pocket
  • [Action Sport Friendly] – The High Roller is perfect for any professional athlete. It is suitable for extreme action sports like Snowboarding, Motocross and Paintball and will withstand the toughest environments with its long list of durable features

If you are looking for the most travel-friendly and advanced paintball gear bag on the market, the Virtue High Roller V4 is our recommendation. This bag is an upgrade to their V2 model.

The Virtue High Roller V4 Extra Large Travel Gear Bag has plenty of external pockets that are easily accessible. This is one of its big selling points. First, there is the padded goggle compartment and another large compartment below it, where you can put dirty cleats and clothes. On the sides are more pockets.

The cover that opens has three pockets on the outside and zippered pockets on the inside. On the inside is one big compartment and compartments on two sides where you can put your paintball gun.

Another great feature is the hidden backpack straps on the back. They’re perfectly hidden in the back compartment and neatly stuck with Velcro. When carrying it on your back, you use the compartment cover to cover the wheels making sure the dirt and mud on the wheels and bottom section don’t end up on your back. The straps are mesh-lined, so the sweat doesn’t get stuck, and any odor wears off fast.

#5: Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic Paintball Gear Bag

Best Upgrade Model

Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic Paintball Gear Bag (Grit Grey)
  • 2 new morale hook and loop patch placements (100x100mm)
  • Tough, light EVA protective lids
  • Fast access end zip pocket with luggage ID
  • Convenient external side zip pockets
  • Retractable pull handle

If you’re looking for an upgrade model, the Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic Paintball Gear Bag is a smart option.

On the outside, there is a small zippered compartment at the corner and velcro areas. The bottom has two wheels and a sturdy carry-on handle, while the back is reinforced with two runners. On top, there is a telescopic handle, carry-on handle, and an ID pouch. Below the ID pouch is a zippered section that has two internal compartments.

On the inside, this bag is a bit similar to the Dye Paintball Discovery 1.5T. The bag comes with a paintball gun bag that has a flap on top. Apart from holding the paintball gun, you will use this padded foam bag as a divider. You can remove this divider if you want the inside of the bag to be one big compartment.

There is another divider that creates a small compartment that is accessible from the outside. On the sides are two flaps that have several zippered pockets. Also, the opening flap has three zippered sections.

The Planet Eclipse GX2 Classic Paintball Gear Bag is basically a duffel bag with a retractable handle and wheels. The design is brilliant. You’ll also appreciate the grey color once you get to the paintball fields because it doesn’t show the dirt much.

#6: Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear Bag

Budget-Friendly Gear Bag

Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear Bags (Grit Grey)
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • ID Pocket
  • Quick access outer zip pockets
  • Internal zip pocket

This is an excellent bag for going for practice or carrying your clothes and a few paintball gear for your paintball game trips. It’s also budget-friendly, so if you’re just starting to invest in your paintball equipment, this is a good place to start.

The Planet Eclipse Paintball Holdall Gear bag is a basic duffel bag. On the outside, there are two small pockets on both ends. You can use these to put your keys, phone, or wallet. However, if you put your phone in one of the small ones, avoid bumping into hard surfaces because they’re not padded. The bag also has a tiny ID pocket on the side.

The bag is divided into one big and small compartments. The smaller one is great for carrying wet or muddy clothes so that they don’t transfer dirt or water into the major compartment. You can put your gun or goggles inside the bigger compartment, but you’ll need to wrap them for protection since the bag doesn’t have any padding. You can hang your mask outside.

In addition to the main handles, it comes with a long strap that you attach on both ends when you want to hang on your shoulder. There are also carry-on handles on both sides, and the bottom is reinforced.

#7: Push Division One Large Roller Gear Bag

Best Paintball Equipment Bag for Travel

The Push Division One Roller Gear Bag is one of the biggest and most expensive gear bags in our list, making it the best option for traveling professional paintball players who have a lot to carry.

This bag doesn’t have many pockets on the outside, but it compensates for that with generous internal storage. On top, there is a small compartment that can hold one lens but cannot fit a mask. If you have to use it, wrap the lenses in a soft towel.

There is a zippered square pocket and a compartment where you hide the straps. This can also serve as additional storage for clothing.

The top part of the bag has three zippered pockets on the inside. Behind these pockets is another big pocket where you can put your pants, jersey, elbow pads, etc.

The inside is divided into two sections, and each section has a zippered cover. The small compartment is great for muddy and dirty gear. It’s also the best place to store the mask. The main compartment is where you put everything else from paintball pistols, tank, paintball pod, loader, stock barrel kit, etc. On the side, there is a small compartment where you can put your paintball gun.

If you don’t want the two divisions, the divider section is zippered so you can remove the sections and be left with one big compartment. However, this means you have to find another way to store the paintball gun.

Another great feature of the Push Division One Large Roller Paintball Airsoft Gearbag is the many handles. It has a handle at the top, on the sides, and one at the bottom – this makes it easy to handle whether you’re offloading it from the truck, pulling it at the airport, or carrying it around.

Apart from the large off-road wheels, this bag has the most reinforced bottom and back sections. Unlike most gear bags with just two runners at the bask, this one has four. This offers the needed protection when carrying it on stairs and escalators and can handle airport abuse.

The Push Division One Large Roller Paintball Airsoft Gearbag also has detachable straps hidden in a compartment. These come in handy when you want to carry it as a backpack. You can choose the color of the straps from their long list of color options.

What to Look For: A Buyer’s Guide for Paintball Gear Bags

Choosing the best paintball gear bag is crucial in ensuring the safe transport of your paintball equipment. It can greatly contribute to your overall experience in the field. The right bag provides enough space for your gear, offers protection, and ensures ease of transport. Here are some key aspects you should consider when buying a paintball gear bag:

Size & Capacity

First and foremost, consider the size and capacity of the gear bag. It should be large enough to comfortably fit all your paintball gear – markers, loaders, tanks, mask, and other accessories. Pay attention to the bag’s dimensions and the volume it can carry.

Compartments & Organization

A good paintball gear bag will have multiple compartments and pockets for organized storage. Specific pockets for your marker, mask, tank, and other gear can help protect these items and make them easier to find.


Durability is key in choosing the best paintball gear bag. Look for a bag made from high-quality, tough, and long-lasting materials to withstand rough handling and the rigors of travel. Double-stitched seams, heavy-duty zippers, and reinforced handles can ensure your bag lasts for many paintball adventures.


The primary function of your gear bag is to protect your paintball gear. Padded compartments or foam inserts can offer additional protection for your more fragile items, like your mask and marker. Also, consider a bag with a waterproof or water-resistant feature, particularly if you’ll be playing in different weather conditions.


How you’ll be transporting the bag can influence your decision. If you’re traveling long distances or frequently carrying the bag, wheels and a retractable handle can make transport easier. Backpack-style straps can also be useful if you’ll be carrying the bag over uneven terrain.

Design & Style

While functionality should be the primary focus, you might also want to consider the design and style of the bag. Some players prefer sleek, low-profile bags, while others might like a more flashy or unique design. Choose a style that fits your personality and stands out in a way you prefer.


Lastly, consider your budget. While it’s true that you often get what you pay for, you can still find good quality paintball gear bags at a reasonable price. Compare different models and brands to find a bag that offers the best value for money.

Remember, the best paintball gear bag for you depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Take your time to evaluate each of these factors to ensure you’re making the best choice for your needs

Wrapping Up 

Paintball gear bags are expensive and delicate; this calls for a safe way to carry and store them when traveling. The best way to do this is by buying a reliable paintball gear bag. The paintball gear bag will depend on how many you have. When picking one, consider the number of pockets, carrying options, the protection mechanism, and ease of carrying.


How do I clean my paintball gear bag?

Cleaning your paintball gear bag can often be as simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or grime. For a more thorough cleaning, check the bag’s care instructions. Some bags may be machine washable, but others may require hand washing. Always ensure to air dry your gear bag completely before storing to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Is a backpack-style paintball gear bag better than a wheeled one?

The choice between a backpack-style and a wheeled paintball gear bag depends on your specific needs. Backpack-style bags may be more versatile and comfortable to carry over rough or uneven terrain. In contrast, wheeled bags can be more convenient for transporting heavy gear over smooth surfaces. Evaluate your typical game environment and choose accordingly.

What is the importance of having compartments in a paintball gear bag?

Compartments in a paintball gear bag are essential for organization and protection. Having specific spaces for each piece of your gear not only makes packing and unpacking easier but also ensures that fragile items like masks and markers are protected from scratches or impact damage.

Do I need a waterproof paintball gear bag?

While a waterproof gear bag isn’t always necessary, it can provide extra protection for your gear, especially if you often play in wet conditions or environments where the bag could potentially be exposed to water. Even if you don’t expect to encounter rain, a water-resistant bag can help protect your gear from moisture and potential damage.