The Best Knee Pads for Paintball

Our Top 6 Picks for 2023

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For any paintball player, young or old, knee pads are must-have protective gear. But to get value out of your investment, you must know what to consider when shopping for one. In this article, we are going to discuss what makes a good knee pad for paintball and show you our top picks from the leading brands.

Product Reviews

#1: 5.11 Tactical – EXO.K1 Knee Pads

5.11 Tactical Mens Exo.K1 External Knee Pad Reinforced with EVA Foam, Black, One Size, Style 50359
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION – Made specifically to take the brunt of the pressure on your knees the EXO.K1 Knee Pads feature a molded, flexible cap with built-in traction and a flat face for a stable, quiet shooting platform-even on hard surfaces.
  • RELIABLE HOLD AND SUPPORT – A thick woven upper elastic strap and polypropylene lower strap make for a secure fit. Adjustable, silent straps are designed to stay in place without slipping.
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE – Beneath the cap is an EVA foam pad for shock absorption and even more protection. This knee pad’s design effectively minimizes discomfort while providing exceptional and reliable functionality.
  • ENHANCED DESIGN – Built for operational or recreational outdoor activities, this gear’s design effectively minimizes discomfort while providing exceptional and reliable functionality.
  • TRUSTED BRAND – Developed with quality in mind, 5.11 Tactical offers a wide range of products that includes shirts, pants, bags, accessories, and more. Defining their brand through challenge and fortitude, 5.11 promises readiness beyond limits.

Our top pick for the best knee pad for paintball is a pair of the EXO.K1 Knee Pads. These knee pads have a flat flexible face for a quiet shooting on a wide range of surfaces. This lets you hide and sneakily move without being noticed. The caps feature built-in traction to ensure your knees are well protected from the forceful pressure throughout the game. Inside the pads is Eva foam pad to readily absorb extra shock, safeguarding your knee and joints. You’ll also love the thick adjustable and non-slip straps that give a secure fit. When it comes to the strap’s material, the upper strap is woven while the lower strap is made of polypropylene and the clips are made of heavy-duty plastic. Because the straps are adjustable these knee pads are one-size fits all and are available in black and ranger green colors.

#2: HK Army Crash Knee Pads

HK Army Paintball Crash Knee Pad – Small
  • Hook and Loop closure – Adjustable velcro strap
  • Enhanced comfort and durability
  • Contour, dual-layered, high-impact padding
  • Neoprene upper leg support
  • Lightweight, breathable 4-way stretch sleeve

If you are looking for the best paintball knee pad for high-impact performance playing, the HK Army Crash Knee Pads is our recommendation. The first thing you will notice about these knee pads is the large double padding that covers both your upper and lower knee.

The top and bottom openings have an elastic band at the back for a comfortable fitting. For added stability the upper band has a Velcro band on top of it. Another feature we love is that the opening where you leg passes through is not fully attached to the knee pad. This gives the knee pad a bit of movement while keeping it position and allows for breathability.

These knee pads feature high-quality double-layered padding to offer you optimum cushioning. We also love that the knee pads are super light, making them suitable for prolonged gaming. Besides, their fabric is stretchable and highly breathable to ensure your knee remains dry and cool. Plus, the adjustable straps give you a perfect fit without the uncomfortable feel of too much reinforcement. So, all you’ve to do is enjoy the game!

Another simple feature we love is that the knee pads are side labelled; “right” and “left”. This also makes it easy to easily identify the top side of the knee pad. The knee pads are available in 4 sizes.

#3: G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pad

G-Form Pro-X2 Mountain Bike Knee Pads – Knee Compression Sleeve for Men & Women – Black Logo, Adult Medium (1 Pair)
  • May Run Small: Please consult the size chart and check your measurements before ordering; this item tends to run small
  • Mountain Bike Knee Pads: Body-mapped, impact-absorbing SmartFlex pads offer form-fitting protection that stays flexible during rides but hardens on impact
  • Knee Compression Sleeve: Stay comfortable during every ride with this pad for knee support that is comfortable, lightweight, and flexible
  • Motorcycle Knee Pads: These compression knee sleeves have silicone grippers that help keep the guard and pads in place
  • Padded Knee Guards for Adults: These biker knee pads help you stay cool with moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ fabric; these soft knee pads are machine washable

While the G-Form Pro X2 are made for bikers, they make great paintball knee pads. If you are familiar with G-Form line of knee pads, the Pro-X2 is an advanced version of their popular Pro-X knee pads with a longer sleeve and bigger knee pad.

This G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pads feature SmartFlex technology to offer you hinge-like flexibility as you play, while automatically hardening on impact to give your knees maximum protection. On impact the pad’s molecules bind together to absorb and redistribute the energy protecting your knee. After the impact, the pads relax.

The pads quickly transfer sweat to the upper layer of the fabric and then dry out real fast keeping you dry. Also, the material of these knee pads is well ventilated with small holes making it highly breathable for optimum comfort. Plus, the compression sleeve of these best paintball pads has silicone grippers for an undoubtedly secure fit. This pair of knee pads is available in 8 different sizes.

#4: Dye Precision Performance Paintball Knee Pads

Dye Precision Performance Paintball Knee Pads (Small)
  • DYE Performance Knee Pads are the culmination of years of player testimonials and extensive product research, design, and testing.
  • EVA high density foam pad wraps around your knee for a truly custom fit while providing extra cushionin for direct impacts.
  • High impact open-cell foam construction is extremely impact resistant, offering an extraordinary level of protection for the sensitive knee area.
  • Lightweight Airepene body and integrated cup-shaped EVA foam pad is pre-shaped to conform to the natural bend of the knee joint.
  • Adjustable straps allow you to tighten the knee pad, keeping it in place and preventing it from sliding up or down your leg. **Please see size chart in photos to find your best fit , when in-between sizes please order one size up.**

The Dye Precision Knee pads are simply outstanding and that is why they have been on the market for almost a decade now.

The most outstanding feature of these knee pads are the grooves on the outer part. The great deal about the grooves is that they allow the knee pad flex and fold easily depending on where the impact is on your knees.

On the inside of these pads is Eva high-density foam for a glove-like feel while protecting you from direct impacts and keeping you comfortable. This, together with the open-cell foam construction ensure top-notch impact-resistant protection for your knee and joints. It’s also super light, so you won’t even feel it as you move around. Also, you can adjust the thick straps to keep the knee pad in perfect position.


IDOGEAR G3 Combat Knee Pads Tactical Protective Knee Pads for Military Airsoft Hunting Pants (dark earth)
  • SHOCKPROOF AND WEARBLE: Constructed by high quality TPR rubber and EVA compress foam. EVA high-desity foam for superior shock absorption. Keep you from injury during harsh condition and will endure harsh combat situation.
  • COMFORT AND SAFETY: Ultra light weight, less than 0.2lbs each, which makes you move freely. It won’t cause any trouble for moving after you install them into your combat pants. Knee pads can effectively disperse external forces, reduce possibility of knee injury and protect your knees injuries during exercise.
  • PROFESSIONAL USAGE: Made for combat pants which have the required space to put them. Can be inserted into the knee pocket of combat pants. Fits internal knee pads pocket on Gen 2 / Gen 3 style combat pants. Perfect for all military, outdoor activities, hunting, hiking, camping, shooting games, etc.
  • SPECIFICATION: Weight:0.17kg/0.37lbs. size : 11” *7.9”*1.97” ; one size fits all. Colors: Black, Dark earth,Ranger Green
  • WHAT YOU GET: Package Included: 1 pair of G3 Protective Pads. SERVICE GUARANTEE: Don’t like? 45 days Money Back guarantee, be at ease. This is Fulfill By Amazon, you can easily make your request or contact after-sales service team on amazon to get help. Or feel free to contact us anytime for any help, we will try our best to provide a most pleasant experience for our esteemed customers.

Unlike all the above knee pads, the IDOGEAR G3 Knee Pads are designed for Gen 2 and Gen 3 style combat pants with knee pads spaces. This makes them great for a wide range of outdoor activities including camping, hiking, hunting and shooting games like paintball. Because of the small size, these pads are not ideal for high impact playing.

These IDOGEAR G3 Knee Pads are easily wearable thanks to the high-quality TRP rubber body construction and the attaching tabs. They offer amazing shock absorption using the EVA high-density foam to protect your knees. The knee pads are also ultra-light to allow you to move more freely and fast. You only need to fix them on your combat pants, and you’ll be good to play!

#6: Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads

Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads – Black – Small
  • Pass-through retention strap keeps pad in place and resists sliding and twisting out of place mid-game. / airflow
  • Dense, absorptive molded padding protects knee against impacts during sliding and kneeling
  • Integrated memory foam knee cup molds to the wearer’s anatomical profile for extreme comfort
  • Retention strap is entirely removable and rotatable–velcro strap adjustment won’t irritate or inflame skin.
  • Adjustable velcro retention strap can be rotated so adjustment system is concealed behind pad–no more accidental loosening or detachment.

Another great pick for paintball knee pad is the Exalt Paintball FreeFlex Knee Pads. These knee pads offer a great combination of padding, comfort and breathability. The outer padding is countered and is not fully stitched to the sleeve where the leg goes through giving it some bit of movement.

The Exalt knee pads offer the most adjustable and rotatable strap system to ensure it don’t detach as you move. The strap is removable and very easy to loosen. Their Velcro straps are also skin-friendly to avoid unnecessary irritations, so you get to concentrate on gaming. Also, this knee pad’s integrated memory foam perfectly conforms to your leg’s natural shape for optimum comfort and flexibility. And their densely molded padding protects your knees from impacts as you kneel or slide along the way.

Another simple feature we love is that the knee pads are side labelled; “right” and “left”. This also makes it easy to easily identify the top side of the knee pad. The knee pads are available in 4 sizes.

What to Look for When Buying Paintball Knee Pads


Your knee’s comfort and safety depend on the padding of the knee pads. Look for a knee pad with high-quality cushioning that will seamlessly fit into your natural knee shape for top-notch protection from all angles. When it comes to padding the things to check include, the size of the padding, the design, and the material.


The second consideration when picking a knee pad is the fitting. Pick a knee pad that fits securely without much effort and one that does not slide down. Also make sure the design of the sleeve stays in place even with vigorous movements.


You will find a wide range of fastening mechanisms that help in securing the knee pad. Check for knee pads with rip-tape fastening system and stretchy upper and bottom openings. They’re usually easy to adjust and super comfortable.

Protective Shells

Another important part of a knee pad is the protective shell. While they are usually made from different materials, they usually come with a hard outer protective shell that can comfortably withstand forceful impacts to keep your knees safe. The shells also cushion the knee pads padding underneath from extreme force, prolonging their durability.


Since paintball games are usually long, it means you will be wearing knee pads for over an hour and half. To ensure comfort, the best knee pads should allow free movement of your leg and air. So look out for breathable materials. This will ensure your skin remains dry and cool throughout the game. Also, fabrics with less water holding traits are great options. The material should also be easy to wipe/clean, and highly resistant to random wear and tears.

Washing Instructions

Knee pads get dirty really quick, requiring regular cleaning after every game. But that shouldn’t scare you as the washing procedure is quite easy. If you’re using a washing machine:

  • Place your best knee pads in a mesh bag to protect them while in the machine, and throw them in together with other household items.
  • Wash them under the gentle cycle to avoid quick spins that might end up damaging your delicate knee pads.
  • Avoid using strong detergents as they can easily wear down the knee pad fabric. A mild laundry detergent makes a great option in this case.
  • Always hang your knee pads to naturally dry. If you use a dryer, they might lose shape and that’s not what you want.

Wrapping Up

And there we have it, a compilation of the best knee pads for paintball. Whether you are a beginner or pro player, a knee pad is a must have accessory to protect your knees against injuries. We hope this article has made it easier for you to pick one that meets your demands. Which one did you choose? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.