The Top 7 Best Paintball Pants for 2024

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Playing paintball is a great way to have fun with your friends and let your little villain side come out to play. However, if you’ve played or even watched paintball before, you know, taking a paintball shot in an unguarded area hurts like hell. That’s is why you need to wear protective gear for your face and lower body.

In this post, I’ll be reviewing the seven best paintball pants in the market. I’ll include different styles of pants to ensure you get one that suits your style.

Let’s dive in.

The Best Pants for Paintball

#1: Planet Eclipse Program Pants

The Best Paintball Pants

Planet Eclipse Program Pants – Fantm Black – Small
Feature Highlights
  • Soft and comfortable material. The pants are made using 70% polyester, so they’re very soft and gentle inside. It’s not abrasive, so it won’t cause any skin irritation.
  • Adjustable waist straps. The waistband has a few loops that allow you to adjust the size of the pants to your liking. It has standard belt loops for those who want to wear a belt. All straps have great material, such that you can adjust them with gloves on and when your hands are slippery.
  • Anti-abrasive heel and knee strike zones. The knee pad is comfortable, but it’s not overdone; it’s flexible and non-abrasive.
  • Well-designed pockets. The front pockets are easily accessible and contain a little loop to attach your car keys and other delicate items you don’t want to lose. The rear has two average zipper pockets that are water-resistant and two quick access swab pockets.
  • The fly area combines two snaps, zipper, and velcro, along the zipper.
  • Plain and simple. The pants are black with only a few grey stripes on the sides and the logo.
  • Available in 7 sizes

My top pick for the best paintball pants is the Planet Eclipse Program Pants. These pants check all the boxes of great paintball pants in terms of performance, functionality, and levels of protection.

Initially, players were skeptical because Planet Eclipse went against what other paintball pants were offering. The industry was used to bulky, heavily padded, and multi-pocket pants.

Planet Eclipse decided to go for a lightweight, comfortable, and functional pair of pants. The pants feature a 4-way stretch construction and padded knees.

#2: Exalt Paintball T4 Pants

Paintball Pants with Extra Protection

Exalt Paintball T4 Pants – Black – Small
Feature Highlights
  • Extra padding. Plenty of padding is among the pant’s selling points. The knee pads extend to the hip area on both sides. With the hip padding, you don’t have to worry about dealing with hip bruisers. The padding doesn’t stop there as the zipper area is also padded.
  • Waistband. There is a little deal-breaker when it comes to the waistband. The fly doesn’t fully open at the waist, so it can be a bit tight, making the pants stressful to wear. You also want to get the right size; otherwise, you’ll have trouble fitting in. Luckily, the pants have seven belt loops to help you adjust them to your liking if you order a slightly bigger size.
  • Numerous pockets. The pants come with six pockets, two in the front and four in the rear; back pockets are not zippered. The back pockets are positioned at a slightly lower position.
  • The pants are breathable and spacious. The pants have venting mesh that improves air circulation. The pants have ample room, so you can wear additional clothing inside when it’s extremely cold.
  • Double drawstrings and seven belt loops if you buy a bigger size
  • The pants have stretch material on the thigh and crotch areas for easy movement.
  • These pair of pants are available in 5 sizes

If you are looking for extra protection than what the Planet Eclipse Program Pants offer, the Exalt Paintball T4 Pants has got you covered.

So, If you’ve taken in a fair share of paintball shots and you are starting to hold grudges on your opponents, there is no need for all that range. The Exalt paintball T4 pants have a broad and longer padded knee pad that extends to the back of the thigh. The upper hip part has another protective hip padding just below the waist and are the pants are made of stretchable material.

#3: HK Army Freeline Pants – Jogger Fit V2

Lightweight and Breathable Paintball Pants

HK Army Freeline Pants – Jogger Fit V2 – Fire
Feature Highlights
    Wide coverage knee padding. The knee padding coverage is quite generous. However, the padding isn’t sufficient for rough sliding and crawling. There is also an additional padded section at the back.
  • Three pockets on the front. One side has a zippered pocket and an average size pocket. There are only two small easily accessible swab pockets at the back.
  • Well-designed waistband. The waistband has elastic wraps and belt loops to allow for waist adjustment. Also, the waist is padded at the back. This could serve as back padding or butt padding, depending on how you wear your pants.
  • The pants are made of new-age breathable material, so they’re stretchable, with ample ventilation, and lightweight.
  • They have slippery grey strips near the knee areas. This not only adds to the style of the pants, but they also help you get up from the ground quickly.
  • Adequate ventilation including rotch ventilation and leg ventilation
  • The fly area has nice padding, while the crotch area is made of stretchable material so there is no chance of pants tearing.
  • This pair of pants is available in 5 colors.

The HK Army Freeline Pants are a great fit for a player who’s tired of dull paintball pants and are looking for attractive pants. So, if color and style are a significant consideration when shopping for pants, you will love the details and the five color options.

These pants are also some of the most lightweight and breathable HK Army Pants. While some players will love this, those who dive, slide, and crawl a lot will need more protection.

#4: Bunker Kings V2 Supreme

Paintball Pants with the Best Crotch Padding

Bunker Kings V2 Supreme Paintball Pants
Feature Highlights
  • Padded knees and adjustable ankle straps.
  • A velcro latch system fly
  • Two strategically placed squeegee holsters on the bask
  • Removable crotch padding. You can remove the crotch extra padding when going for runs. However, it’s not a bother, so you’ll hardly need to get rid of it.
  • They have adjustable waist and ankle, which allows you to adjust the pants for a custom fit.
  • Great design. It’s flexible and tough enough to take any punishments. It’s also reasonably light, which makes them very comfortable.
  • They’ve got a mesh net throughout to keep you cool during hot days. However, the mesh netting can get stuck to the knee pads.
  • Two zipped front pockets. The pants have two front zipper pockets. I wish they had rear pockets, but that’s a small price to pay.
  • Quadruple stitched seams to minimize tear along the seams.
  • These comfortable pants are available in 3 sizes

The Bunker Kings V2 Supreme Paintball Pants are an excellent fit for people looking for versatile pair of paintball pants.

There are several unique features of these pants. First, there are no belt loops, so you cannot wear these pants with a belt. The second thing is the velcro opening fly area with no buttons or zippers.

So that the pants do not open accidentally, there is crotch padding on the inside and a velcro attached logo that opens upward.

#5: VIRTUE Breakout Pants

Paintball Pants with no Knee Padding

VIRTUE Breakout Pants for Paintball, Airsoft, and Action Sports (Small, Black)
Feature Highlights
  • No knee padding. As I mentioned earlier, the pants have zero padding, so you’ll have to wear extra padding. The knee area material is nylon, which protects the pants from tearing when sliding.
  • They have no zipper or padded crotch. The pants flyer and waistband are closed using Velcro. They also have elastic wraps that give room for a bit of adjustment.
  • Soft waistband. I know you’re used to a hard waistband, but the Virtue pants waistband is made of soft fabric. Many players appreciate this feature because it doesn’t cause any discomfort. There are no belt loops.
  • Lightweight and breathable material. The mesh net and the lightweight material make the pants very comfortable when it’s hot.
  • Four zipper pockets. These quality pants have two decent size pockets and two rear pockets, so you have plenty of space to carry your valuables. While the rear pockets are zippered, the front ones aren’t.

If you are looking for paintball pants with zero knee padding, the VIRTUE Breakout Pants are my recommendation. These comfortable pants are bestsellers, which is impressive given that these were Virtue’s first paintball pants.

They are designed very differently from what you find in most paintball pants, so you don’t want to miss out on this one.

#6: Survival Tactical Gear Wargame Pants

Best Tactical Paintball Pants

Survival Tactical Gear Men’s Airsoft Wargame Tactical Pants with Knee Protection System & Air Circulation System (Green, S)
Feature Highlights
  • The pants come with knee pads. These pants come with integrated pads and extra knee pads. Using both can definitely feel a little bulky, but it’s manageable.
  • The durable paintball pants are available in 11 colors. If you’re tired of having grey and black pants, this is your chance to get something different.
  • Plenty of pockets: These pants have 16 different pockets, so you’ll not have storage problems.
  • The pants have a fantastic circulation system. You can leave the groin, and the mesh-line knee protector area open when it’s hot for additional air circulation.
  • Ankle closures: They are adjustable in the ankle area and the knee, which makes them very comfortable.
  • The pants are made using rip-stop material. It feels a little rigid, but it can also survive a lot of abuse.

These paintball pants are for players looking for something with heavy durable material. The Survivor Tactical Gear Pants are stylish as they have a streetwear fashion kind of vibe.

It’s something you can wear on Fridays to work if you have a paintball game later, and no one would find it awkward.

Unlike most other paintball pants, these have 16 pockets and are available in 11 colors and five sizes. Like most tactical pants, they have insert knee pads for added protection.

#7: ZAPT Breathable Ripstop Fabric Pants

Tactical Paintball Pants with Knee Pads

ZAPT Breathable Ripstop Fabric Pants Military Combat Multi-Pocket Molle Tactical Pants with EVA Knee Pads (Dark Grey, S)
Feature Highlights
  • Plenty of pockets. If you need more pockets to carry your accessories, then you’ll have more than enough space to put your stuff. They have molle webbing on the left hip that you can use to attach other accessories using pouches.
  • They’re made using durable rip-stop material and reinforced with high-quality nylon on the knees and lower legs. Therefore, the pants will remain intact even after the most aggressive games.
  • The breathability is alright, given that the pants are designed not to rip off. They have extra layers on the pockets, so you don’t expect too much realm for breathability.
  • The waistband is adjustable. These pants don’t have any buttons or zippers; instead, it closes using a well-designed Velcro system.
  • The pants come with EVA knee pads. They’re pretty comfortable, and you’ll not need any extra knee padding.
  • These protective pants are available in 8 colors and 5 sizes, which is great for players who want more than a pair.
  • Double layered on the back and extra layers on the knee area

If you are looking for heavy-duty pants with more pockets and molle webbing, the ZAPT Breathable Ripstop Fabric Pant is our recommendation. They are also one of the most durable and versatile pants with plenty of options.

I love the ZAPT products, and these breathable ripstop fabric pants are just another example of their excellent job. The pants are made to avoid any ripping and have a lot of storage including cargo pockets and thigh pockets.

Best Paintball Pants: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to paintball, you need gear that offers protection, durability, and flexibility to maneuver across the field quickly. Here, we focus on one of the most important pieces of gear: the paintball pants. This guide is designed to help you understand the critical factors to consider when buying the best paintball pants.

Material and Durability

Paintball is an active sport, meaning your pants will face a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, you should choose pants made of durable materials that can withstand such conditions. Most high-quality paintball pants are made from strong, synthetic materials such as polyester or nylon, which provide a good balance of durability and comfort.


A good pair of paintball pants will have built-in padding in key areas like the knees and hips. This is important as it provides extra protection during dives or slides, and it can be a real game-changer when playing on rough terrains.

Flexibility and Comfort

Comfort should be high on your priority list. You need pants that offer flexibility for running, crouching, and diving. Look for pants with features such as stretch zones, elastic waistbands, and adjustable belts to ensure a comfortable fit.


Since paintball can be a physically demanding sport, pants that offer good breathability are a must to prevent overheating. Many modern paintball pants come with ventilation zones or are made of breathable fabrics to allow for good air circulation.


Paintball pants often come with multiple pockets for storing small items like extra ammunition, maps, or tools. Consider how much storage you need when selecting your paintball pants.


Like any product, paintball pants come in a range of prices. It’s important to strike a balance between affordability and quality. While high-end pants might offer more features and durability, there are plenty of affordable options that offer great value for their price.

Choosing the right pair of paintball pants is crucial to your comfort and performance on the field. By considering these key factors, you can ensure that you select the best pair of pants for your needs.

Wrapping Up

It’s all fun and games until you take a paintball shot on your crotch or your knee when you have no protection.

The pain is terrible, and I can’t wish it even on my worst enemies. That’s why it’s wise to invest in a pair of paintball pants.

Before you sign up for your next match, make sure you have all the necessary protective gear, and that includes the right paintball pants. Thing to check when choosing one include, crotch protection, knee protection, ankle fastenings, and if it has proper ventilation.

We hope you got a great fit from our best paintball review. If you did, don’t forget to share our review with fellow paintball players.


What are paintball pants?

Paintball pants are specially designed trousers for paintball games, providing protection, durability, and comfort.

Do I need specialized paintball pants?

While not compulsory, specialized paintball pants offer more protection and durability than regular pants.

What features should good paintball pants have?

Good paintball pants should have padding, be breathable, have adjustable waistbands, and offer storage pockets.

How should paintball pants fit?

Paintball pants should be loose enough for easy mobility but secure enough to not hinder your movements. Adjustable waistbands can help with a better fit.

Can I wash paintball pants in a washing machine?

Most paintball pants can be machine washed. However, always refer to the product’s specific washing instructions to prevent any possible damage.