The Top 5 Best Paintball Marker Stands for 2024

Find the Perfect paintball Marker Stand

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The Paintball Gun: The crown jewel of your collection; the single most important piece of gear for each and every paintball game. Paintballers are PROUD of their markers and rightfully so, which means this is not the time to play it fast and loose with your equipment. Paintball stands serve the dual purpose of both giving that bad boy a spot in the highlight but more importantly, keeping it safe. When looking for a Paintball stand, the goal is something sturdy and secure enough to hold up in any situation but also lightweight and portable enough to take with you wherever you might need to store it.

And of course, it helps to look good too!

So join me as I dive into 5 of the best models of stands worthy of holding the marker that accompanies you on your next game on the range.

The Best Paintball Marker Stands

#1: HK Army Joint Folding Gun Stand

The Swiss Army Knife of Paintball Stands

HK Army Paintball HK Army Joint Folding Gun Stand (Blue) (13031002)
  • Listing is for marker stand only
  • Lightweight Design
  • Foldable Construction
  • Compact Carry Capability
  • Robust Injection Molded Polymer

The HK Army Joint Folding Gun Stand is your go-to, good for any scenario paintball stand. It has a lightweight, foldable design that makes it easy to transport and store, adjustable feet to customize your setup for any environment, and an integrated ball sizer with storage for o-rings.


  1. Lightweight, foldable design
  2. Adjustable leveling for any environment
  3. Five-position rack with spacers
  4. External pockets for paintballs and other supplies
  5. Folding design allows players to easily store the stand away when not in use

#2: Planet Eclipse Paintball Marker Podium CNC

The Cadillac of Paintball Stands

Planet Eclipse Paintball Marker Podium CNC Aluminum Stand/Wall Mount
  • Premium grade CNC’d aluminum construction.
  • Table or wall mountable.
  • Parallel or angled mounting positions.
  • For use with a single paintball marker.

The Planet Eclipse CNC Stand is an ideal paintball gun stand if you are looking for the highest quality product that that money can buy. This paintball stand is designed with durable construction and versatile features to keep your paintball gun safe and secure. The CS2 Stand is constructed from high-quality aluminum, providing long-lasting reliability and stability during use. This paintball marker stand also comes complete with an adjustable setting feature, allowing you to mount your gun either on a table or on the wall. For quality construction, this one gets top marks.


  1. Durable construction with a blend of high-quality materials
  2. Adjustable wall or table mount
  3. Adjustable angle for mounting
  4. Available in black or silver

#3: HK Army Marker Stand

The IKEA Furniture of Paintball Stands

HK Army Paintball Marker Stand
  • Machined Aluminum Gun Stand With Solid Base
  • Side Peg Guides Included In Different Diameters To Fit All Markers (4 Pegs Total)
  • Center ASA Mounting Post With Dual O-rings
  • Holds Marker At 45 Degree Angel
  • Allen Key Included For Easy Assembly

The HK Army Gun Stand is a great paintball gun stand designed for any budget. It offers a solid construction and a adjustable pegs that allow it to mount any marker from a more compact sidearm style marker to a big honking sniper rifle. As an added bonus, it comes with all the necessary tools you’ll need to assemble it right out of the box, though wall mounting will require some spontaneous engineering. Maybe the best part of this stand is that it available in an incredible range of colors, so if you’re particularly picky about the aesthetic of your maker (and why not? Give that bad boy it’s due!) than this is the option for you.


  1. Easy construction
  2. Looks cool and available in lots of colors
  3. Adjustable for different sized markers
  4. Solid construction

#4: Guru Paintball Gun/Marker Stand

The Volkswagen Beetle of Paintball Stands

Guru Paintball Gun/Marker Stand
  • Made with non-abrasive material, it will not scratch up your marker.
  • Fully collapsible to fit in any gear bag.
  • Works with all paintball markers with compressed air tanks.
  • Durable material will not crack or shatter.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.

The Guru Paintball Gun/Marker Stand is a great paintball gun stand if you are looking for a stand that is easy to transport, store and assemble. The base is completely collapsible which is awesome for storing it in your gear bag on the go, while the lightweight materials are durable with out the risk of scratching up a marker.


  1. Collapsible and perfect for transportation
  2. Quality no-scratch materials
  3. Available in lots of colors
  4. Best for guns with compressed tanks

#5: Guru Gun Stands Micro Paintball Gun Stand

The Razer scooter of Paintball Stands

Guru Micro Paintball Gun Stand
  • Fit right in your bag without taking up all the room like the PVC ones
  • Made with non-abrasive material it will not scratch up your marker.
  • Work with all paintball markers with compressed air tanks
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Fits in most gun cases

My last pick is the little brother of entry #4: another Guru product, the Micro Gun Stand is for those of you looking for a compact, easy to move stand that takes up the smallest amount of space. Basically, it has a lot of the same features as the full size model – non-scratch materials, easy assembly/disassembly, lots of color options – but is a lot smaller. Now while this is great for saving space, keep in mind that it isn’t ideal for larger markers like sniper rifles.


  1. TINY – the smallest stand on our list
  2. Collapsible and perfect for transportation
  3. Quality no-scratch materials
  4. Available in lots of colors

A Buyer’s Guide to Paintball Marker Stands

Choosing the best paintball marker stand can seem overwhelming with the array of options available. This guide seeks to streamline your selection process by highlighting the key features to look for when shopping for the best stand for your paintball marker.

Compatibility and Versatility

Firstly, ensure the stand is compatible with your paintball marker. Most stands cater to a wide range of markers, but it’s best to confirm. The more versatile the stand, the better. It should be able to accommodate both your current and future markers.

Stability and Security

The stand should provide a secure and stable base for your marker. Look for features like rubberized grips or padding to prevent slipping. A wider base often provides better stability.


The construction material of the stand is crucial. Opt for sturdy materials like metal or high-grade plastic that can withstand the rigors of regular use and transportation.

Ease of Assembly and Disassembly

A good stand should be easy to assemble and disassemble, especially if you travel for tournaments frequently. Quick setup stands are a popular choice.


As with any purchase, consider your budget. Balance cost with the features and quality of the stand. Remember, an expensive stand doesn’t always mean it’s the best for you.

By considering these factors, you’re on the right track to finding the best paintball marker stand for your needs. Enjoy your paintball games with the added convenience and professionalism of a reliable marker stand.


Paintballers love their paintball guns, it’s as simple as that. Leaving the centerpiece of your hobby lying around like any other pice of gear just isn’t gonna cut in the long term, which means a stand is essential. Hopefully, this review has given you an idea of what the best options are for keeping your baby exactly how you want it, and looking fresh to boot. With even minimal proper care and maintenance, these paintball gun stands will make storing your guns a whole lot easier.


What is a paintball marker stand?

A paintball marker stand is a device designed to securely hold your paintball gun or “marker” when not in use. They are helpful in maintaining the condition of your marker, preventing it from falling or getting damaged, and they also keep your gear organized during games or storage.

Why do I need a paintball marker stand?

A paintball marker stand provides a safe and convenient place to set your marker during breaks in gameplay, maintenance, or while storing your gear. It can prevent accidental damage to your marker and keep your space tidy.

Are all paintball marker stands compatible with all markers?

While many paintball marker stands are designed to accommodate a wide range of markers, not all stands will fit all markers. It’s essential to check the product specifications or inquire with the manufacturer to ensure the stand is compatible with your specific marker.

Are paintball marker stands portable?

Yes, most paintball marker stands are designed to be lightweight and portable. Some models even disassemble for easier transport. Portability is a crucial feature if you often travel for paintball games or tournaments.

What material should a good paintball marker stand be made from?

High-quality paintball marker stands are typically made from durable materials such as metal or high-grade plastic. The material should be sturdy enough to securely hold your marker and withstand regular use and transportation.