The Best Paintballs for Woodsball & Speedball

Our Top 9 Picks for 2023

(.43 cal & .68 cal)

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Let’s face it: browsing paintball markers is the most fun part of shopping for Paintball. You can (and probably will) spend hours debating the merits of various calibers, materials, and brands, but if your paintballs aren’t good enough, you’re going to be disappointed. The simple truth is that if you spend any amount of time playing the game, you’re gonna go through A LOT of paintballs – they a crucial part of the game and boy, do you have options.

There are dozens of parameters to consider when picking out paintballs from color to material to caliber, and you don’t really want to neglect an of them. To make things a little easier, here are 9 of my favorite paintballs specifically for both Woodsball and Speedball, with plenty of choices to allow for taste with a breakdown for each one to make the differences stand out.

Product Reviews

#1: Valken Infinity Paintballs

Valken is a famous brand in the paintball niche. These infinity paintballs have an ultra-dense shell. This makes them a preferred option by many players.

Valken Infinity Paintballs – 68cal – 2,000ct – Orange-Orange Fill
Feature Highlights
  • Ultra-dense shell for better precision
  • Eco-friendly as they aren’t oil-based
  • Has bright color fill to spot a hit quickly
  • Excellent quality

The product comes in different colors including white and orange. Orange paintballs being the heaviest. Due to their dense shell, these balls won’t break inside your gun or before hitting the target.

Another great feature of these Valken paintballs is that they are are not oil-based.

The box comes with 2,000 paintballs, making them the best paintballs for the money.

On the downside, their dense build means they can hurt the target a little bit. Thus they not ideal for recreational play. Overall these are one of the best paintballs for speedball and woodsball.

#2: Loader Basic Training Paintballs

You don’t have to invest in premium paintballs when you’re practicing paintballing techniques. Or if want to play paintball for recreation.

Loader Paintball 500 Rounds Basic Training Paintballs – .68 Caliber – Color May Vary (Orange/Yellow) (Orange/Yellow)
Feature Highlights
  • Eco-friendly fill
  • 500 paintballs in one bag
  • Designed for .68 caliber barrels
  • Available in different shell colors

These training paintballs by Loader are an affordable choice. They may lack the dense quality of tournament paintballs, but they won’t break inside your paintball marker.

The are available in different shell colors. One the inside these paintballs have an orange or yellow fill color. Both fill colors are pretty visible even on camo gear. This makes them ideal for training purposes.

They fit .68 caliber barrels and each bag contains 500 paintballs. This makes them a cost-effective paintball ammo choice for training purposes.

#3: GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs

The GI Sportz XBall paintballs will appeal to players looking for reliable performance and high visibility.

GI Sportz XBALL Certified Midnight Paintballs – Shell Varies – Aqua Fill (1,000 Count)
Feature Highlights
  • Designed for .68 caliber barrels
  • High-quality shells to minimize premature breakage
  • Bright fill color for quick visibility whenever you hit your target
  • Great for tournament practice

These paintballs are versatile and suited for everyday games and training. They work well for beginners in tournament play. This is especially true for those who don’t want to spend a lot on their paintball ammo.

#4: Riot Balls Jawbreaker Solid Balls

The Riot Balls Jawbreaker are a solid choice for paintballs for training purposes.

68 Cal Paintballs Jawbreaker Solid Balls – Self Defense Nylon, Less Lethal Practice Paintballs .68 Caliber – Black (100 Count) 3.5 Gram
Feature Highlights
  • Reusable
  • Designed for .68 calibers
  • 100 solid balls in the box
  • Solely meant for training and self-defense

Not only do they offer the same quality as high-end paintballs, but they are also reusable. You can use them as many times as you want – all you need to do is collect them, rinse, and dry them.

They are dense and solid for distance and impact, which is why you should use them responsibly.

They are good for target shooting as well as home defense. This goes for both animal attacks and intruders. They work in all .68 caliber guns and do not deform upon hitting the target.

#5: Shop4Paintball Scenario/General Play Paintballs

Shop4Paintball offers you top-quality pellets that don’t compromise on quality or performance.

Shop4Paintball – .68 Caliber Scenario/General Play Paintballs (Blood Ball (Red/Red), Bag of 500)
Feature Highlights
  • Different color choices
  • Comparatively low price
  • Designed for .68 caliber gun
  • Great for general play and recreational paintballing
  • Have thick, colorful fill

As their name suggests these paintball pellets are suitable for beginners.

They are available in different colors and allow you to choose a suitable color for your needs. They are sturdy and rigid and won’t break in your paintball gun or when fired before hitting the target.

The Shop4Paintball paintballs are for .68 caliber guns and have thick, colorful fill. This makes it easier to see when you hit your target.

#6: Wearable4U .43 Caliber Rubber Balls

Wearable4U is a new brand in the paintball niche and they haven’t disappointed.

Wearable4U .43 Caliber Rubber Balls New Reusable Training Soft Rubber Balls for Paintball Guns (100 Rounds, Black)
Feature Highlights
  • Suits .43 caliber guns
  • No lubrication or oil needed
  • Reusable
  • Great accuracy
  • Have no paint fill

Their latest addition is for .43 caliber guns and has rubber shells for self-defense.

Beginners will find these shooting balls easy to use and pretty accurate. You don’t need any oil or lubrication to load these shells in your paintball rifles.

The good thing with these rubber balls is that they are reusable as they don’t deform after hitting the target. Only use them for self-defense and training.

#7: Valken Graffiti Paintballs

If you don’t have a tight budget, these Valken Graffiti paintballs are for you.

Valken Graffiti Paintballs – 68cal – 2000ct
Feature Highlights
  • Durable, rugged shell that’s weather-resistant
  • Top-notch fill that’s pretty visible
  • Compatible with magazine-fed systems and hopper-fed loaders
  • Box comes with 2,000ct
  • Suits .68 calibers

Their thick shell makes them ideal for tournament games as well as recreational play.

These paintballs boast a durable, rugged shell that’s also resistant to weather changes. This makes them long-lasting as the paint inside stays fresh. If you’re serious about paintballing, the Valken Graffiti Paintballs are an ideal choice. They’ll help you improve your accuracy.

The paint fill is top quality, with a radiant shade to maximize visibility. On the flip side, these paintballs are pricier than most paintballs on this list. The added price is worth it when you consider their superior durability and accuracy.

#8: Umarex T4E Premium Rubber Ball Ammo

The T4E Umarex rubber balls will give you the ultimate protection against attacks.

Umarex T4E Premium Rubber Ball Ammo for Paintball Guns, Black.43 Caliber, 430 Count
Feature Highlights
  • Premium rubber built
  • Designed for use with .43 caliber guns
  • Black
  • Reusable

These .43 caliber, round-shaped rubber balls are lightweight and easy to load. If you’re still not sure how to load them in your paintball gun, check the user manual included in the packaging.

They have a black shell and have a premium rubber build. Use these rubber ball ammo for training and not for recreational play.

#9: AOOHYEO .43 Cal Reusable Rubber Paintballs

The AOOHYEO Rubber Paintballs are suitable for target practicing and self-defense.

AOOHYEO 250X0.43 Caliber Paintballs – Reusable .43 Cal Rubber Balls for Training Practice
Feature Highlights
  • Suitable for 0.43 caliber guns
  • Rubber shell for accuracy
  • Reusable
  • No paint fill making them eco friendly

Ideal for use with .43 caliber guns, these rubber balls are reusable and thus easy on your pocket.

They are solid and will not disappoint you on the field in terms of consistency and accuracy. These reusable paintballs have rubber-wrapped shells to ensure accuracy even for long targets. They’ll bounce back upon hitting the target.

After using them, all you need is to rinse them off and store them for your next gaming session. The ammo comes in different rubber shell colors and varying capacities.

What to Look For

Most paintballs have similar composition consisting of a fragile gel shell with water-based paint inside, the ball breaks and discharges a colorful paint on impact. There are also those with rubber shells which do not break – these are suitable for self-defense and training.

Choosing the best paintballs is one of the first things you’ll do. This is true whether you play woodsball or speedball. To help you find the right option for your play, here are some of the factors you should consider:


You should remember that price often dictates the quality of the product you get. That said, highly-priced paintballs are not always the best. Cheap ones are not always low quality. Set your price range and go for the best paintballs you can afford.


Caliber is a crucial factor when choosing paintballs. Avid paintball players will see this as an obvious choice. Beginners are likely to forget to check the caliber of the paintballs. Most paintballs have a caliber of .68, but you can find others with .71 and .40 calibers.

Make sure the paintball caliber matches the bore of your paintball gun or pistol. This will ensure the best performance in the field.


Low-quality paintballs tend to break inside the gears or when fired. This is why you should ensure the outer shell of your paintballs are sturdy and durable.

In most cases cheap paintballs are often sturdy enough and don’t break before hitting the target. With good research you can find affordable paintballs. The good thing is that you don’t have to do a lot of research. We’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the best paintballs for the money. All the paintballs on our list are round and free of dimples to prevent breaking inside of the gears.

Tournament vs. Recreational

Tournament paintballs are for professionals who play in tournaments. They tend to be more expensive than recreational paintballs due to their quality.

If you can afford tournament paintballs go for it. They perform better than recreational paintballs. If you can’t then don’t worry. Recreational paintballs will be a good enough choice as well. There are plenty of types of paintball games to play.

Tournament paintballs are the best choice elite-level competitions, thanks to their exceptional quality. Recreational paintballs are better suited for those who are practicing and general play.


While this may seem insignificant, the freshness of paint makes a major difference. Paintballs have a gelatin shell which tends to get weaker over time. They can break before hitting the target.

Fresh paintballs tend to hold better than older paintballs. When buying online go for a brand with reasonable quality control. Remember that you don’t have an opportunity to test the paintballs.

If you’re buying in your local stores, test the paintballs by dropping them on a hard surface. Fresh paintballs will bounce back even after dropping them several times.


Color may seem more like a personal choice. If you’re playing with other people at night it’s would be best to go for paintballs with neon fill. These tend to reflect well at night.

Also, you need to determine where you’ll be playing. If your opponent has camouflage gear you need to go for a contrasting color such as red. This will help you see when you’ve hit the target.


In most cases quality paintballs tend to have better shooting efficiency. Low-quality paintballs tend to burst before hitting the target.

By keeping the above factors in mind, you’re in a better position to choose the best paintballs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many paintballs are there in a box?
A standard box has four bags with 500 paintballs each. This means you’ll be getting at least 2,000 paintballs. Again, remember this depends on the size and type of the paintballs you’ve selected.

Is the paint in paintballs water-based or oil-based?
The paint in paintballs can be water or oil-based.

Many people prefer water-based paint to oil-based paint since it’s easier to clean the mess. Water-based paintballs are also better for the environment. Oil-based are cheaper and are usually suitable for field play.

Are paintballs toxic?
Paintballs are harmless for people as they’re made with food grade ingredients.